Arturo Barrios

Arturo Barrios rose to fame in the early 1980s setting his first world record in 1986 in the 10,000m road race. The following year saw Barrios set the world record for the 4-mile road race. Between 1987 and 1990, Arturo won the San Francisco Bay to Breakers race, the largest footrace in the world, four consecutive times. Arturo competed in the 1988 Olympic games, placing fifth in the 10,000m. In 1989 he broke the world record for the 10,000m track race by more than 5 seconds with a time of 27:08:32. Arturo continued his remarkable running in 1991 when he set a new world record in the 20,000m on a track at 56:55:06. During that race, Barrios also became the first man to run a half marathon in less than an hour. The following year, Barrios returned to the Olympics in Barcelona to compete in the 10,000m and placed fifth. Arturo was inducted into the Colorado Running Hall of Fame in 2008.