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May 20, 2019 Comments Off on Salomon Predict RA Reviews, Shoes

Salomon Predict RA

Salomon Predict RA

Salomon designed the Predict RA to reimagine how a runner’s foot interacts with a shoe and to create stability through geometry rather than added materials like medial posts or hard plastic structural pieces. The design is based on the notion that the foot (and the proprioceptive ability to “sense” the ground with help of the brain) is able to inherently stabilize while barefoot or shod in minimally design shoes, but it’s more difficult to do so in traditional running shoes with various layers of foam and rubber because of the torquing forces that can inhibit a runner’s natural movements. The Predict RA was designed to reduce those forces by “decoupling” the sole with deep grooves on both the exterior and interior of the shoe that reflect how the major joints of the foot move. The result is a semi-firm sole with 10 “platforms” that can adapt independently, cushioning and supporting when needed as forces change throughout the stride—just as the foot does. The Predict RA is truly a unique shoe. It has an 8mm heel-toe offset (25mm heel, 17mm forefoot). The men’s version (size 9) weighs just 9.1 oz, while the women’s edition (size 7) is a scant 7.7 oz.

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