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September 22, 2019 Comments Off on Welcome to In Motion Running! Healthy Running

Welcome to In Motion Running!

Welcome to InMotion Running! We’re a new locally owned running store aimed at providing the Boulder community with inspiration, shoe-fitting expertise, running advice based on years of experience, and, of course, the latest shoes, apparel and accessories for all of your running (and walking) needs and interests.

At InMotion Running, we have training groups, fun runs and a wide range of in-store events to keep you moving. Plus, we also offer onsite physical therapy and massage treatments to help keep you on the path of being a healthy and happy runner. Come visit us at 1880 B 30th Street, southeast of the corner of 30th and Walnut (next to Michaels craft store) and we’ll help you with all of your running needs.

In Motion Running was founded on the principle that everyone is a runner who is willing to lace up their shoes and put one foot in front of the other. We’re here to serve and support you, whether you’re just getting started as a runner, running for fitness, training for a half marathon, trying to lower your marathon PR or exploring the world of track and field or ultrarunning. We support local races, local schools, local clubs, local athletes and local non-profit programs.

We host all-inclusive, community-oriented fun runs from our store every Thursday evening at 6 p.m. (followed by free pizza from Savory Catering Cuisines) and often have special guest speakers for enriching, invigorating discussion about running. We have 5K and 10K routes on traffic free bike paths.

“Running is a sport that is all about community, and we want In Motion Running to be a hub of the amazing Boulder running community,” says In Motion Running founder and owner Mark Plaatjes. “Boulder is one of the world’s special places when it comes to running, and we want to embrace the local community and celebrate the shared passion of running that Boulder exudes.”

Plaatjes is longtime Boulder resident and business owner who won the marathon at the 1993 IAAF World Championships and graced the cover of Runner’s World 26 years ago.

“The mission of In Motion Running is to serve the Boulder running community in every way we can,” Plaatjes says. “Owning running store is not about selling shoes and gear. It’s about inspiring runners to enjoy running and achieve new goals, immersing in the local running community and helping each and every customer become the healthiest runner or walker they possibly can.”

Plaatjes is a prominent physical therapist with a sophisticated understanding of how the human body moves, how to fix common and complex running injuries and how to fit runners into the best possible running shoes. As the longtime owner of In Motion Rehabilitation and previously an owner running retail stores, he has helped keep both recreational world-class athletes on the path of happy, healthy running in Boulder for more than 25 years.

After retiring as a world-class runner in the mid-1990s, Plaatjes became the first running retail store owner to examine runner’s gaits using a treadmill, video cameras and expert, anatomically based insights. Many stores followed that practice, but curtailed that type of analysis as running shoes, running gait research and technology changed.

“Early in my career when I started doing gait analysis, I realized there were no running stores doing anything specifically to help runners find the right running shoes for them,” Plaatjes said. “That’s why I wanted to get into the running retail business in the first place You can’t just put a runner in a shoe and ask them if it feels comfortable. You have to understand each individual runner’s mechanics, how they move, how they run, where they run, their foot shape, how the surface of their foot interacts with the interior of a shoe and synthesize all of that and come up with some proper options for that particular runner. Now more than ever it’s important to fit runners into the right shoes, and that’s one of the reasons I was inspired to open In Motion Running.”

While Plaatjes is the owner and founder of the store and clinic, it is truly a family affair. His wife, Shirley, is the PT clinic’s resident certified massage therapist, while daughters Luz Plaatjes (apparel buyer), Camille (assistant accessories and apparel buyer) and Gene (physical therapy clinic manager) also serve key roles. The experienced staff also includes manager Tammi Pham, footwear buyer Greg Weich, inventory manager Lauri Mizener and shoe-fit expert Stephen Sanchez.




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