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August 5, 2019 Comments Off on Heil Valley Ranch Boulder Running Routes, Great Places to Run in Boulder County

Heil Valley Ranch

North of Boulder

Getting There:Heil Valley Ranch is located about 5.5 miles north of Boulder along Lefthand Canyon Drive. Take Hwy 36 north out of town and turn left on Lefthand Canyon Drive (at the intersection just after the Greenbriar Inn) and head west about two-thirds of mile to Geer Canyon Drive. From there, take a right and drive along Geer Canyon Drive and park at either the new Corral Trailhead immediately on the left or at the Main Trailhead parking area about a half mile further up the road.

Heil Valley Ranch is a long, narrow open space park that includes about 17 miles of flowy trails that meander between elevations of 5,800 and 6,800 feet. Many of the upper trails are shaded, but there are several that are mostly exposed to the sun.

There are several rocky and hilly singletrack trails and loops that start from the Main Trailhead of this thickly wooded park. The new Corral Trailhead at the south entrance of the park offers about 3 miles of additional trails via the Schoolhouse Loop (about 0.9 mile) and the Overland Loop (2.3 miles) that can be connected to the Lichen Loop and Wapiti Loop. From the Corral Trailhead, it’s possible to create a 14- to 16-mile loop by combining Overland Loop, Watipi Trail, Ponderosa Loop and Wild Turkey Trail to the high point of the park. Or it’s possible to run a very hilly 22-miler by running from the Main Trailhead all the way to the Picture Rock Trailhead on South St. and back.

The trails vary between smooth dirt to very rocky in places, but all of the trails are runnable for a fit runner with some experience running on trails. Wear trail running shoes, carry a hydration pack and . Mountain bikes are prevalent on the trails, especially on weekends.

For more information, visit the Boulder County Open Space page for trail details and maps.




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