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Switzerland Trail

March 12, 2019 Comments Off on Wonderlake Lake/Foothills Trail Boulder Running Routes, Great Places to Run in Boulder County

Wonderlake Lake/Foothills Trail

North Boulder

The flat, scenic loop around Wonderland Lake is a great place for easy runs or a launching off point for longer, traffic-free trail runs.
Getting There:The main trailhead is located in north Boulder along the west side of Broadway near Sumac Avenue, but there are several places to access the loop around Wonderland Lake from the adjacent neighborhoods. Wonderland Lake can also be accessed by running south on Foothills South Trail from the Lee Hill Trailhead parking lot on Lee Hill Road about ½ mile west of Broadway. 

From the trailhead on Broadway, there’s a ¼-mile wide dirt trail that connects to the main 1.2-mile, mostly flat loop around the lake. On the northwest side of the loop, the trail connects to Foothills South Trail, which climbs a big hill and heads north through to connections with several others trails that include the rolling Old Kiln Loop, the steep Hogback Ridge Loop, Foothills North Trail that forks north for about 2 miles and east for ½ mile to a trailhead on the east side of Hwy 36. For a much larger, 12- to 18-mile loop entirely on trails, start at the Wonderland Lake Trailhead, circle the lake and head north along Foothills Trail South across Lee Hill Drive. Continue on Foothills Trail South to the spur that cuts under Highway 36 to the system of trails branching off the Degge Trail/Eagle Trail area. From there, head down Cobalt Trail to Boudler Valley Ranch and complete that 3-mile loop for a 12-mile roundtrip. Or continue along Eagle Trail Boulder Reservoir and back to complete the 18-mile circuit. 

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