The Pawnee-Buchanan Pass is an amazing 26.4-mile high-alpine loop through that straddles the Continental Divide.

Pawnee/Buchannan Loop

Chautauqua Park Trails

April 12, 2019 Comments Off on Twin Lakes Open Space Boulder Running Routes, Great Places to Run in Boulder County

Twin Lakes Open Space

North of Boulder/Gunbarrel

Twin Lakes Open Space is a hidden gem in the Gunbarrel area of Northeast Boulder.
Getting There:To reach the main parking area, go east on Nautilus Drive from North 63rd Street, pass Avery Brewing on your left and park anywhere along the road adjacent to the lakes. (Avery Brewing Company hosts fun runs every Monday night from mid-April to late October that pass through Twin Lakes Open Space. The 3- to 5-mile runs start at 6 p.m. and pass through the Twin Lakes area.)

Twin Lakes Open Space is a hidden gem in the Gunbarrel section at the northeast corner of Boulder’s city limits. It’s an ideal place for short runs on flat terrain or fast interval/fartlek workouts. Each of the two lakes, aptly named West Lake and East Lake, is encircled by a flat, wide dirt trail that measures about 1,200 meters around. Run easy and combine the two lakes in various directions for a 3- to 5-mile run, or run around one of the lakes during a speed workout like 6 x 800 or 5 x 1-mile.

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