South Mesa Trailhead is a great place to run Mesa Trail, South Boulder Creek Trail, Towhee Trail and Homestead Trail.

South Mesa Trailhead

The Pawnee-Buchanan Pass is an amazing 26.4-mile high-alpine loop through that straddles the Continental Divide.

Pawnee/Buchannan Loop

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Bobolink Trail/South Boulder Creek Trail

South Boulder

Bobolink Trail is one of the few flat trails in Boulder, making it a great place for marathon training.
Getting There:To reach the south trailhead, take Broadway south out of Boulder and turn off onto Marshall Road. Park along Marshall Road and start your run inside the gate at the trailhead. (Note: There is another section of South Boulder Creek Trail across Highway 93 that connects with the Mesa Trail.) The north Bobolink trailhead can be found on Baseline Road about 200 yards west of Cherryvale Road.

One of the few almost entirely flat running trails in Boulder, Bobolink/South Boulder Creek Trail stretches for 3.3 miles between Marshall Road and Baseline Road. (It slopes slightly downhill from south to north, dropping 130 feet from trailhead to trailhead.) It’s a great place for recovery runs, tempo runs and interval workouts. You can tack on additional miles by continuing under the Baseline Road underpass and linking Gapter Road, a path along South Boulder Creek and Old Tale Road to Arapahoe Avenue, where you can then connect to a spur of Boulder Creek Path. If you’re training for a marathon and need to run a long run without much elevation gain or loss, it’s easy to link trails and paths for a 16- to 22-mile run.

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